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Ralf Teichmann GmbH, Essen Cranetech GmbH, Duisburg Brunnhuber Krane GmbH, Augsburg und Berlin Cranetech Südwest GmbH, Mannheim Brunnhuber Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH, Eisenhüttenstadt Cranetech AG, Basel Krantechnik Ost GmbH, Erfurt

The TeichmannGroup is an association of independent crane manufacturing and crane service companies.

With 9 locations, diversified geographically in an optimal way in all areas of Germany, we are always close to our domestic and foreign customers and thus immediately available wherever you need us.

Our group consists of both crane service companies for maintenance, repair and modernization of industrial cranes, steel mill cranes, harbour cranes and container cranes from all manufacturers and companies building tailor-made process cranes, special cranes or standard cranes. All these cranes are also available as workshop tested second hand cranes.

In addition to that we provide maintenance for railway vehicles such as locomotives and wagons.

Each of the medium-sized companies belonging to the TeichmannGroup is flexible and acting independently – however, when it comes to competence, know-how and capacity, each one of them benefits from cooperation within the group.

Ralf Teichmann GmbH, Essen  

Ralf Teichmann GmbH is Europe‘s market leader in delivery of used, workshop overhauled or reconstructed cranes.

Cranetech GmbH, Duisburg  

Cranetech GmbH in Duisburg, providing full service, modernization or repair works , is specialist for container cranes and harbour cranes and also for industrial cranes.

Brunnhuber Krane GmbH, Augsburg und Berlin  

Brunnhuber Krane GmbH manufactures brand new cranes for all industrial and transhipment applications and delivers them to container depots, automated warehouses, industrial companies etc.

Cranetech Südwest GmbH, Mannheim  

Cranetech Südwest GmbH in Mannheim is the crane service provider for container cranes, harbour cranes and industrial cranes in the south-western part of Germany.

Brunnhuber Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH, Basel  

Brunnhuber Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH carries out the complete maintenance for all crane installations, hoisting equipment, load attachment devices and rail vehicles like locomotives and wagons at the company location of ArcelorMittal in Eisenhüttenstadt. The specialized staff can look back on decades of experience. This know-how built up over the years is also supplied to other customers.

Cranetech AG, Basel  

Cranetech AG in Basel is a specialist for container cranes, slewing cranes and industrial cranes in the region of southern Germany and in Switzerland.

Krantechnik Ost GmbH, Erfurt  

Krantechnik Ost Gesellschaft für Kranservice GmbH in Erfurt is the service base for customers in eastern Germany.


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